The Night Bus – London Transport Museum Competition Entry
The Night Bus – London Transport Musuem, Prize for Illustration
The Night Bus

Selected for the London Transport Museum Poster Illustration Prize 2019.

The theme was 'London Stories'

Against the backdrop of the city and through illuminated windows we glimpse fragments of London's stories. The Night Bus is a constant in a chaotic world, connecting people and moments shared, poignant, celebratory, humorous and surreal.

A dark house stands by a river at dusk. A man rows past illuminated by an outside lamp, a figure stands at an upstairs window. Richard Johnson Illustrator
A dark field full of sunflowers, a young couple chase a butterfly, the man holds a torch. A Dalmatian dog runs ahead. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Grandpa and a leaf in autumn colours. Memories of the past, birds fly with medals. He burns leaves in a bonfire. Richard Johnson Illustrator


Left: 'Leave the Light On'. Middle: 'The Butterfly Catchers'. Right: 'Memories'. These images were self initiated. Development of ideas and narratives from my skecthbook. 

Decorative Christmas tree biscuit tin design. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Gingerbread House packaging design. Marks and Spencer. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Christmas Packaging Design. M&S. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Marks and Spencer

Packaging design and illustration for Marks and Spencer. My work has been used to decorate seasonal consumables, including Christmas and Easter ranges.

A lone wolf looks down upon a procession of people, walking, riding, playing instruments and talking. Its snowing. Richard Johnson Illustrator
A Farmer throws out spoilt honey, his farm is overrun by mice. Summer fields and white house. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Mr Fox sitting in the farmers kitchen, helping himself to bread and cheese. Bushy tail. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Aesop's Fables

Published by Kingfisher Books

Written by Saviour Pirotta. The book includes eight stories from Aesop's fables including 'The Lion and the Mouse', 'The Frogs Who Wanted to be King' and 'The Jay and the Peacocks'.

Santa looking at baubles on a Christmas tree. Richard Johnson Illustrator
The Night Before Christmas. Santa in sleigh pulled by reindeer. Richard Johnson illustrator.
The Night Before Christmas

Published by Random House

32 page Picture Book illustrating Clement Clarke Moore’s Poem.

Little creature with a worm for a pet. He has stripy fur and is about to fall off a cliff. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Strength, a character from the Sandifoot Folk. He is a big orange robot. Richard Johnson Illustrator


'The Sandifoot-folk'. A narrative developed from my sketchbook drawings inspired by the Major Arcana Tarot cards. 

Sketchbook samples showing character and compositional development. Richard Johnson Illustrator
The Bible

Published by The Bible Society.

From left to right, plate artwork examples from 'Moses and the Red Sea', 'Queen Esther' and 'Jonah and the Whale'.