Tokyo 2020 - Spirit of Competition

Illustration designs for a collaborative exhibition and symposium between The University of Joshibi, Japan & The University of Loughborough, UK. Reflecting upon the major themes of the Olympic movement, bringing sport and arts into a symbiotic union.

Wind in the Willows

Published by Usborne Children's Books

AOI Gold Award Winner, Images 36. Written by Kenneth Grahame, I tried to visualise moments of quiet tension and dramatic action from the story. My ambition was to try to capture some of the atmosphere, humour and the sense of place in Grahame's world, combining a partly realistic and partly stylised body of work.

Harrods Christmas food packaging design. Christmas robot factory and helper Elves prepare sweet treats and candies. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Advent Calendar, Biscuit Tin, Sweets Packaging, Gingerbread man, Christmas Tree, Santa Wobble Tin, Chocolate Packaging. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Harrods Christmas Food Hall. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Harrods Candy Factory

Harrods of London

Christmas Food Hall, Point of Sale and Packaging illustration. My design for the Christmas Candy Factory illustration was loosely based on the shape of the Harrods building itself. I wanted to bring the building to life, so I decided to characterise the factory as a giant Christmas robot. Other bespoke designs for the range included giant Gingerbread men, Christmas Tree packaging and a Father Christmas shaped wobble tin.

Two little mice in the big city, they're surrounded by traffic, buses, motorcycles and smoke. Worms eye view perspective, looking up at the skyscrapers. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Green Troll laughing under the stone bridge. Pants on washing line as brown goat runs over the bridge. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Animal Stories for Bedtime

Published by Usborne Children's Books

Illustrations for a 96 page Children's Book including, 'The Elephant’s Nose', 'The Musicians of Bremen' and 'The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse'. Each story had a full page plate artwork and a number of smaller vignettes.

Pinocchio Cover Artwork. Geppetto puts the finishing touches to Pinocchio, the wooden boy, in his workshop. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Playland Pop Up sample from Pinocchio published by Templar. Fairground rides, Big Wheel, Helter Skelter and rides in the woods. Moon and clouds overhead. Richard Johnson Illustrator
A pop up spread from Pinocchio published by Templar. The Whale has swallowed Pinocchio and Geppetto, they build a fire from drift wood. Richard Johnson Illustrator

Templar Publishing

Pop-Up Children's Book with Sound Effects, written by Carlo Collodi / Anita Ganeri. I really enjoyed the challenge of designing illustrations that compliment the paper engineering and mechanics of the book, whilst also visualling and pacing the story.


Spider Magazine, U.S

Illustration for a Children's magazine. 'Who?', written by Amy Imbody. Who is it walking down in the wood? (snap of a twig, crackle of leaves). The cat in my lap perks up his ears, and turns his head to see if he sees the flick of a tail, a hoof, a paw, twitch of a whisker, feathery wing...