Toy Circle

An experimental set of images exploring freeform wordless visual-storytelling, questioning the reception and construction of a narrative through a collection of fragmented events.

The content was inspired from my visual investigations and field-trips to an underpass beneath a nearby motorway roundabout. This disregarded place inspired the story and set the backdrop for the 'graffers', revealing tensions and rivalries between local gangs. The work was made into a small film which experimented with projecting the illustrations back into the physical space itself.

Divers – Spirit of Competition, Tokyo 2020
Boxer – Spirit of Competition, Tokyo 2020
Run Like the Wind – Spirit of Competition, Tokyo 2020
Tokyo 2020 - Spirit of Competition

Illustration designs for a collaborative exhibition and symposium between The University of Joshibi, Japan & Loughborough University, UK. Reflecting upon the major themes of the Olympic movement, bringing sport and arts into a symbiotic union.

Spirit of Competition, Tokyo 2020
Migration - Free as a Bird by Richard Johnson Illustrator
Migration, Free as a Bird

International Centre for the Picture Book in Society (ICPBS). BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children in Bratislava, Slovakia

Part of an exhibition to draw attention to the plight of thousands of children and their families who are, as a result of oppressive regimes, violence or poverty, forced to migrate to safer places in the world. 

Day-Dreamer by Richard Johnson Illustrator
Day Dreamer

A self directed illustration. Day dreaming in the dark.

Leave the Light On by Richard Johnson Illustrator
Grandpa and a leaf in autumn colours. Memories of the past, birds fly with medals. He burns leaves in a bonfire. Richard Johnson Illustrator

'Leave the Light On' & 'Memories'. These illustrations were self initiated, developed through sketchbook ideation.