Candy Factory – Harrods
Harrods Christmas Range
Harrods Christmas Food Hall
Harrods Candy Factory

Harrods of London

Christmas Food Hall, Point of Sale and Packaging illustration. My design for the Christmas Candy Factory illustration was loosely based on the shape of the Harrods building itself. I wanted to bring the building to life, so I decided to characterise the factory as a giant Christmas robot. Other bespoke designs for the range included giant Gingerbread men, Christmas Tree packaging and a Father Christmas shaped wobble tin.

Decorative Christmas tree biscuit tin design. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Gingerbread House packaging design. Marks and Spencer. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Christmas Packaging Design. M&S. Richard Johnson illustrator.
Marks and Spencer

Packaging design and illustration for Marks and Spencer. My work has been used to decorate seasonal consumables, including Christmas and Easter ranges.