Once Upon a Snowstorm – Front Cover Design by Richard Johnson
Face to Face – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Goodbyes – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Cave – Once Upon a Snowstorm
The Journey Home – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Cave Paintings – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Boy and Bear – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Snowstorm – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Home – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Friends – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Father and Son – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Lost – Once Upon a Snowstorm
Once Upon a Snowstorm

Faber & Faber


This book was shorlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2018, Professional Children's Books Category.

Merit Winner for the 3x3 International Picture Book Show No.15, Published Children's Books Category.


"Invokes both the intimate and the epic...and a world in which the landscapes of reality and those of a child's imagination collide... this is a book that reminds us we don’t always needs words."
Olivia Lomenech Gill, illustrator of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"Stunning . . . the dreamlike illustrations swept me up and took me on quite an incredible, visually enchanting journey. All in one sweep, this beautiful wordless story broke my heart. An incredibly stunning book."
David Litchfield, author and illustrator of The Bear and the Piano

"Captivating and atmospheric, with a pitch-perfect use of color."
Levi Pinfold, author and illustrator of Black Dog

"It's beautiful. I love the details in the snow flakes . . . and the funny close ups of the animals faces. Such a warm story, frosted with magic."
Polly Dunbar, illustrator of Penguin

Sarah McIntyre, author and illustrator.

"Richard's illustrations are very gentle and soft, beautiful images of forest and winter landscapes . . ."
Tomislav Tomic, author and illustrator.

"A magical beutifully illustrated story that reminded me of Raymond Briggs' The Snowman, one of my all time favourites."
David Tazzyman, author and illustrator.

"It's outstanding."
New Statesman


"Stunning, wordless picture book that has a dream like quality and a captivating message...the frosty fantasy will make you yearn for an open fire and mugs of hot chocolate."

"Beautifully illustrated and entirely wordless, inviting more storytelling from the reader every time"
Evening Standard

"The perfect book for cosy autumn and winter nights"
Scottish BookTrust

"A magical winter tale of friendship and discovery"
Carousel Magazine

"A dreamy visual narrative to brighten winter evenings"

The Wild Wood – The Wind in the Willows
Mr Toad's Bedroom – Wind in the Willows
Mr Badger's Door – Wind in the Willows
Toad of the Road – Wind in the Willows
Wind in the Willows

Written by Kenneth Grahame.

Association of Illustrators: Gold Award Winner, Images 36: Children's Books.

My ambition was to try to capture some of the atmosphere, humour and the sense of place in Grahame's world, combining a partly realistic and partly stylised body of work. I tried to visualise moments of quiet tension and dramatic action from the story.This was one of my favourite scenes to illustrate, as Moley ventures deeper into the Wild Wood.

Pinocchio – Templar Publishing
Playland, Pinocchio – Templar Publishing
The Whale, Pinocchio – Templar Publishing

Templar Publishing

Pop-Up Children's Book designs fro Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi  and reworked by Anita Ganeri.

I really enjoyed the challenge of designing illustrations, incorporating the paper engineering and mechanics of the book. These books were a lot of fun to work on!

A lone wolf looks down upon a procession of people, walking, riding, playing instruments and talking. Its snowing. Richard Johnson Illustrator
A Farmer throws out spoilt honey, his farm is overrun by mice. Summer fields and white house. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Mr Fox sitting in the farmers kitchen, helping himself to bread and cheese. Bushy tail. Richard Johnson Illustrator
Aesop's Fables

Published by Kingfisher Books

Written by Saviour Pirotta. The book includes eight stories from Aesop's fables including 'The Lion and the Mouse', 'The Frogs Who Wanted to be King' and 'The Jay and the Peacocks'.